Don’t Miss "Moon" This Week

20 Dec

I’ve seen “A Moon For The Misbegotten” three times in its run at the Old Vic Theatre. Finally the critics and I seem to agree that the theatre put on an amazing play – and it’s received numerous nominations in this year’s theatre awards; Best Actress (Eve Best), Best Actor (Kevin Spacey) twice, Best Supporting Actor (Colm Meaney) and Best Play Revival (“A Moon For The Misbegotten”).

I last caught the production on this previous Wednesday, and the difference between the first preview in particular and this one was staggering. It flows unbelievably well, and it’s very obvious that they all know the play as well as the back of their hand. I guess after eight performances a week for four months, that’s not too strange.

I was with my American friend, up in the Lillian Baylis Circle (aka, the seats meant for those under 5ft), watching her taking it all in. She was mesmerised and in the break said, “Kevin really has the most amazing stage presence, doesn’t he?” When part two – the most emotionally challenging for all involved – was over, she had no words. Besides, “Wow.”

We went around to the stage door so she could have her ticket signed afterwards. The plan was that she would go up and talk to him, but bailed on me when we got to the hatch. I found myself complimenting Spacey on the play, on his “Moon” blogs and then adding that my friend had made it from Wisconsin to see the play. This caused him to lean out of the hatch and say, “Thanks for coming down!” to my – by then – terrified company that stood pinned against the wall.

“What’s a Moon blog?” I hear you ask. The Moon Blog is an exclusive backstage insight to what’s been going on during “A Moon For The Misbegotten”. Often filmed by Kevin Spacey himself, includes footage of various cast members, a visit from Bill Clinton… It’s definitely worth a look. But before you do, get your ticket for this emotionally charged play about the failed Broadway actor that’s well on the way to drinking himself to death, even after he’s had a night in the Moonlight with the woman he loves.

Starring Kevin Spacey, Eve Best, Colm Meaney, Billy Carter and Eugene O’Hare.

By the way, Spacey is also a candidate for a Laurence Olivier award for Best Actor this year. Don’t miss your chance to see him on a stage for the last time until autumn next year.

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