Crunch, Arts Theatre – Review

29 Mar

Once upon a time, not so long ago that we don’t remember it, there was a man called Adam and a woman called Eve that worked in the Fruit Naming Department of Eden Enterprises. All is well, for a long time, but then… the apple arrives. Yes, that one. What’s missing in the equation? Yesssssss, the sssssssssnake. Guess what he convinces Eve to do. Yessssss. They’re being kicked out there and are set to find another apple – to match the one currently in Eve’s greedy stomach – to save their jobs and their place in Eden.

Every conceivable apple story is told in roughly an hour and a half, including Sir Isaac Newton, William Tell, Apple Mac, The Big Apple and The Golden Apple of Troy – with a little Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Swedish singing thrown in.

Sara Lewerth, Johan Westergren, Troels Findsen and John Hinton are all absolutely delightful. The Arts Theatre is small and cosy, the mood is relaxed, you can expect to be greeted by a charming guitarist before the show as you find your place and quite possibly get dragged up onstage during the show if you’re on the front row. I was, needless to say, sweating – as I was one of three shaking in their boots on row one. It’s almost like a pantomime, in the sense that the audience is very much a part of the show. Like when Adam holds the girl – that has been sleeping for a very very long time – in his arms and asks what he should do. “Kiss her!” was the obvious answer, but “Give’er some coffee, mate!” was also suggested.

It’s charming, it’s hilarious, it’s involving, it’s the perfect remedy if you’ve had a bad/annoying/hard day at work and need a good laugh. Just steer clear of row one unless you want to become a performer for a night. Daniel Goldman directs this multi-national company formed last year by Lecoq graduates.

Crunch!” can be seen at the Arts Theatre from Wednesday 28th March to 14th April.


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